Underwater photos/video from Olympus Stylus Tough

My Olympus Stylus Tough has performed well – great walking around camera, even if it gets really wet.

These cameras have a small silicone membrane that prevents water from getting into the body of the camera.  Any debris between the seal and case will allow water to get in, and that ruins your camera!

Underwater snapshot of coy.
Shot of Kanapali Beach Maui.

A panorama built inside the camera!  Out of the 10 times I tried I got three photos that did what they were supposed to – take a shot, move to the next point – the camera takes another shot, and finally move to the last position and the camera takes the final shot and finalizes the process.  The others broke down after the first shot, and wouldn’t track for the next photo.

Panorama from Olympus Stylus Tough camera – only resized image.

I really like this camera so far – it’s compact, offers Olympus RAW Format (ORF), waterproof and convenient!  It’s also about $5K cheaper than getting a waterproof enclosure for my DSLR!


Drum Making Workshop at Saddha Yoga in Buffalo, Minnesota

I made a drum March 24th 2017 at Saddha Yoga Studio – open this link to read about Wayne Manthey Drum Maker Workshop

Saddha Yoga Studio in Buffalo, Minnesota was the venue hosting Wayne’s drum making workshop.

All photos were captured  with a Canon 6D and an Olympus TG-4.  There was no real processing – the paint on the walls at the yoga studio caused some hue variations and I was messing around with the cameras as well. The TG-4 was dunked into a water bucket before I started the class – It’s going to be used snorkeling, and they made it for depths to 50 feet.  Passed that test!

To view the gallery click the small “i” button at the lower left on the photo to get the captions to show.  The little cross in the upper right corner makes the gallery full screen.

Eagles in Minnesota

Bald Eagle Nesting - Wright County, Minnesota
Eagle Nesting near Buffalo, Minnesota.

This eagle has been nesting here for a few years.  I see a lot of bald eagles near Buffalo, Minnesota.  They’re nesting this time of year March of 2017.